From great juice comes great wine!
We use the best wine kits available.

We make it easy!
Winemaking takes about 30 minutes of your time. You sprinkle yeast onto the juice and return in four to eight weeks and bottle your wine. You get 30 bottles with each order. As simple as that!
Everything except the bottles is included in the price; corks, labels, shrink caps and all taxes. You can provide the 30 clean bottles or purchase new ones if required.
We guarantee the results! If you are not happy with the wine we will refund the money or replace the wine!
Your efforts will result in subsantial savings. You will save anywhere from $125 up to $250 per batch of 30 bottles depending on the price range of the juice you select.
The enjoyment and the bragging rights are just an added bonus!
Here is more comprehensive information about wine and the process of making it from our major supplier R. J. Spagnols ltd. http://www.urbanreservewine.ca/
    "Wine is bottled poetry."
    - Robert Louis Stevenson
    Cellars Choice Ltd.
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